Saturday, June 14, 2014

SharePoint Customer User profile Associate Field

The Associate area in information has some really exciting qualities that I don’t think that many individuals know about.

Frequently companies ask the query if there is a way that an Professional Associate can in some way handle a individual information, like being able to add new passions or position up-dates. Well the excellent individuals at Microsoft Company created this possible.

Previously I believed that the only way to do this would be to provide a consideration raised authorizations but it is actually really easy.

Say for example that Michal wants his assistant, Robyn, to handle his customer profile. If I am signed in as Robyn and go to Michal’s customer profile I can see that I cannot modify his details:

OK then but if Michal creates Robyn his associate by completing the Assistant area in his information like below:

Then mouse clicks ok. Now if log in as Robyn we see that since we are the assistant we can manage Michal’s information such as his search phrases and his position message. You cannot however add co-workers or subscriptions unfortunately.

However this is a fantastic way to try to get some professional buy in since you can allow an associate to upgrade the CEO’s customer profile and position. This will appear to customers that the CEO is involved and is using his information, and others customers are sure to adhere to 

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