Sunday, June 16, 2013

Brief Introduction on WebParts used in Sharepoint 2010

What is a sharepoint Web Part ?

A sharepoint webpart is one of the best component with high modularity and resuability utilized by Sharepoint Services webpage. A webpart is a composure of a description file and an external code providing the functionality.
Webpart description file:It is an xml file which contains property names and settings required for the webpart,and also includes a reference to web part assembly.

Types of web parts in sharepoint 2010:

  1. Content Editor Webpart
  2. Media webpart
  3. Page viewer webpart
  4. Silverlight webpart
  5. Bussiness data webpart
  6. Chart webpart
  7. Infopath Form Webpart
  8. Content Query webpart

Content Editor Web part

It is mainly intended to add tables,hyperlinks,images and formatted text to a webpage Though it uses hyperrlinks it cannot be used used to connect to other websites.

Media Web part

This webpart is used to play audio and video files which is actually a silverlight based webpart.It supports all video and audio formats which are supported in silverlight. For example silverlight does not support flash,and so does the sharepoint media webpart.

Page Viewer Web part

In order to display a webpage,folder or a file on a webpart page.Page viewer webpart is used. It can display the above mentioned web parts in all the browsers that support html IFRAME element. Files and folders can be displayed only with microsoft internet explorer.

Silverlight Web part

At the sharepoint webpart level,In order to integrate rich and powerful applications Silverlight web parts can be used. It can be placed anywhere on the user interface along with the sharepoint 2010.

Bussiness Data Web part

This web part is used when we have an external content with a few actions defined on it which could be able to read and write data on to an external system.

Chart Web part

This web part comes into scope when there is a requirement or utility where users could be able to check the perfomance and other information at a single glance. Adding this webpart to the sharepoint website enables user to check the perfomance and additional information at a single look. For example a chart web part can make users view the overall sales and other information regarding sales across the globe in a single map or a graph.

Infopath Form Web part

Inorder to display infopath enabled or infopath editable Lists or Libraries,Infopath Form webpart acts as a best source which is an advanced pick in sharepoint 2010. There are three kinds of infopath documents you can create and could display "Create","Edit" and "Dispaly List" forms and you can customize them accordingly from Edit webpart windows.

Content Query Web part

This web part is mainly used to wind up information from multiple lists into a single view.You can personalize the simplified content and male them look as you want. The pages on sites using this web part should be activated with publishing infrastructure feature.

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