Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Make Customized Authorization Stages in SharePoint 2010

In this article I am going to give you a summary of authorization stages in SharePoint 2010, what are default authorization stages, how to make customized authorization stage, how to make team in SharePoint , determine customized authorization stage to this team and add some users to team.

So let’s start

SharePoint Server 2010 provides many default permission levels, these permission levels are actually rights and capability which users and groups can perform.
Following table illustrates default permission levels in SharePoint Server 2010 and capability of each permission level.
Note: Some of permission levels are only available in publishing template.
Permission Level
Site Template
Description of Capabilities
Limited Access
Team or Publishing Template
Specific lists, document libraries, list items, folders, or documents may be viewed; but access to all elements of the site are not granted.
Team or Publishing Template
Items can be viewed on the site pages.
Team or Publishing Template
Users can add or change items on the site pages or in existing lists or document libraries.
Team or Publishing Template
Page layout can be modified by members in the browser or from within SharePoint Designer 2010.
Full Control
Team or Publishing Template
All capabilities are provided including permission management.
View Only
Publishing Template
Users may view pages, list items, and documents.
Publishing Template
Users may approve pages, list items, or documents submitted by others.
Manage Hierarchy
Publishing Template
Users may edit pages, list items, and documents. Manage Hierarchy permissions also allow the users to create sites.
Restricted Read
Publishing Template
Users may view pages and documents; however, historical versions are not available
 How to Create Custom Permission Level:
If you would like to create your own permission level, follow these steps:
1. Log on as a SharePoint administrator.
2. Open the site on which you want to create the customer permission level in the web browser.
3. Select Site Actions -> Site Permissions from the upper-left menu.
SharePoint 2010 Site Permissions
4. Choose the Permission Levels button in the Manage section of the Ribbon.
SharePoint 2010 Permission Tools
5. Click the Add Permission Level link.
6. Enter the value of Customise Web Parts in the Name field within the Name and Description section.
SharePoint Custom Permission Levels
7. In the Permissions section, check the permissions which you would like to assign this permission level. I assigned following permissions.
SharePoint Permission 1
SharePoint Permission 2
SharePoint Permission 3
SharePoint Permission 4
8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create.
Now we have created custom permission level and now we are going to SharePoint group and assign the permission level to that group.
How to Create a SharePoint Group:
Follow these steps to create a SharePoint group.
1. Log on as a SharePoint administrator.
2. Select Site Actions -> Site Permissions from the upper-left menu.
SharePoint 2010 Site Permissions
4. Click the Create Group button in the Grant section of the Ribbon.
 Create SharePoint Groups
5. Enter the value Web part Designer Group in the Name field within the Name and About Me Description section. Enter a description if desired.
SharePoint Group Settings
6. Scroll down the page and in the Give Group Permission to this Site section, choose the Customise Web Parts custom permission level, and click Create to create the SharePoint group.
SharePoint Group Permissions
After creating the SharePoint group, wizard will redirect you to the group management page for that group. Here you can add users to the group, send email messages to group members and configure group settings.

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