Friday, July 20, 2012

Preview Download Visual Studio 11 Developer SharePoint developer tools

Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview is now available with the SharePoint developer tools and downloadable to public. Earlier version only has the Windows 8 stuff as a new thing along with some user experience improvements. But, in the new version it has the SharePoint developer tools added. So, as I am a SharePoint guy I would like to see what are all the features available in the new version.

Visual Studio 11 is very fast when compared to Visual Studio 2010 and it definitely improves the productivity. This is one of the major point which I like about it. When come back to what are the new features added in SharePoint developer tools, below are the few of them.
Create Lists and Content Types by Using New Designers
Create Site Columns
Create Silverlight Web Parts
Publish SharePoint Solutions to Remote SharePoint Servers
Test SharePoint Performance by Using Profiling Tools
Create Sandboxed Visual Web Parts
Improved Support for Sandboxed Solutions.
Support for JavaScript Debugging and IntelliSense for JavaScript
Streamlined SharePoint Project Templates
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The MSDN link all these features explained.

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