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SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 Variations

In this publish we will look at the primary variations between the popular SharePoint 2010 and new SharePoint 2010. The graph mostly informs you about what is presented in the new SharePoint 2013 edition and what is decreased.

SharePoint 2010

What is SharePoint 2010 - It is a past or I should say present edition of SharePoint that was published in season 2010.

Development Changes

SharePoint 2010 Presented Sand pit alternatives to help designers set up value that did not affect the whole village.

In SharePoint 2010 you could use Hosting server Item design and Customer Item design (.Net Handled, ECMASCRIPT and Silverlight) to draw out information from SharePoint.

In SharePoint 2010 designers were also creating Village alternatives as they did with the past SharePoint 2007 edition.

Social and Collaboration features

SharePoint 2010 had very few social capabilities.
My sites
Tags and Tag profile pages


SharePoint 2010 had Presented Incorporated FAST look for as a Business look for. Moreover to this build-in SharePoint look for is still commonly used in companies.

Enterprise Content Management 

SharePoint 2010 however had Presented Handled meta-data and taxonomy as a part of new ECM advantages for SP 2010. This edition did not have Handled Routing and Cross-site Posting. SharePoint developer was a main device to alter Expert webpages instead of the new Style Administrator.

SharePoint 2013

What is SharePoint 2013?
A new edition of MS popular Cooperation website known as SharePoint. The edition contributes few new interesting features such as Social Nourish, SharePoint Applications and cross-site posting.

Development Changes
In SharePoint 2013 MS presented a new Reasoning App Design for developing Applications for SharePoint. Applications for SharePoint are self-contained items of performance that increase the abilities of a SharePoint web page. You can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and methods like the Start Information method (Data), and Oath to connect with SharePoint using Applications.

Resources – SharePoint 2013 has presented new Resources for App growth. Visible Studio room 2012 now allows you create applications for SharePoint and applications for Workplace. In addition new web-based tools known as “Napa” Workplace 365 Development Resources were introduced for creating applications.

No more Sand pit alternatives. SharePoint 2013 sandboxed alternatives are deprecated. So all we got is the New App design and the Old SharePoint Village alternatives.

Social and Collaboration features 

Microsoft in SharePoint 2013 Introduced new Social capabilities for better collaboration in the company.New Features added are -
Interactive feed
Community Site
Follow people
Follow Sites


SharePoint 2013 contains several improvements, customized material handling with the Content Enrichment web service, and a new structure for introducing Google listing kinds. Some of the functions included are

Consolidated Search Results
Rich Results Framework
keyword query language (KQL) enhancements

Enterprise Content Management 

SharePoint 2013 included some of the best abilities of an ECM application. The recently included things is

Design Manager
Managed Navigation
Cross-site Publishing

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